Given to All Paths, All Ways

Given to All Paths All Ways

Throughout all epochs all spheres,
looking with the eyes of now
at the ending of our current era

those who can See and Hear,
and understand,

will not fail to bow down
to the Creator of All

as we peer into the Mirror of the Ages,
and grasp the enormity of the One Divine Message,

that forever has been given to each nation,
throughout all lands and times.

Before advancement of communication
a Message yet arrived, through Messengers
that looked like their people,

in the language of each society,
with images familiar to all.

It is a simple Message, of Love and of Truth
that all were asked to follow—

Love one another.
Do unto others as you would have
Others do unto you.

Do Justice.
Respect and care for the Earth.

And daily give thanks, to the Creator of All.

One Message that echoes in all hearts;
One code of honor, given to all.

May the Divine Message of Love and Harmony
lead our Spirits and hearts to unite in peace.

And may we awaken and follow this Call,
from the Creator of All.


photo: Ceremony Day, Eva Rose Edleson

In Wisdom’s Light,  A Message of Peace For All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller
© Copyright, 2004, 2018, Emi Miller, All rights reserved 

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The Hunger That Cannot Be Pushed Aside

The Hunger That Cannot Be Pushed Aside
There is a deep, Inner longing constantly dancing with-in each Soul. This longing urges each one to rise, ever upwards, beyond their current abilities. It exists as an under-current, operating ceaselessly in all that we do. This longing has been called, “the hunger that cannot be pushed aside, the thirst which cannot be quenched.” 
It is this longing which causes each one to stretch to attain their utmost possibilities, glimmering and shimmering in the mists, upon the horizon of one’s life. It causes one to seek to become the greatest of musicians, and another to seek to become the best farmer, or the best parent they can be. Yet where do these longings come from? 
The desire for each one to reach their zenith comes directly from the Inner One, the All-in-All, the Loving One. This is the Voice of the All Knowing, who Guides all Souls to create the dance of their life time—with-in Beauty and Love. This Inner Essence of Life is identical to the Desire residing with-in each seed: Planted deeply in the ground, the Spark of Life awakens and leads each seed to cast off it’s shell—and struggle ever upward, around or through all obstacles it encounters. And, though it has never seen the Light, yet each seed is drawn ever upwards, for no other purpose than it may one day emerge from darkness—and become its absolute, Beauty-filled fullness.

Seen underneath this Wisdom-Light, one may understand, that the whole of humanity, and the whole of the universe, is moving and breathing together, upon the Great Ocean of Life—rising and falling with-in the unseen currents; Ever striving to satisfy, and to bring to life, the highest desires of the Eternal One.
photo: A Maple Seed, Emi Miller
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller
© First Copyright, 2004, Second Copyright, 2014, Emi Miller

All rights reserved.
NOTICE: This is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in whole or part. It may not be edited, altered, or otherwise modified or used, except with the express permission of the author