Planting and Growing A Garden of Light

Planting and Growing A Garden of Light

It is the sum total of all of Humanity’s actions and thoughts that brings into being, whatsoever light or darkness there is. Thus the maximum Harmony and Beauty that the Earth Plane receives depends on each one of us. 

We are not expected to individually create peace on Earth. Rather each of us is continuously offered the possibility of keeping our own garden filled with Harmony, and daily watered with Love and Beauty.

Everyone has a garden under their care and responsibility. Some have large gardens, while others have gardens that are small. The size of one’s garden represents each one’s capacity and limitations.

Our personal garden consists of every step that we take, and every thought that we make from the moment we open our eyes until we open them again the next morning.  And, just as we appreciate walking by a beautiful garden, and recognize those that have been left unattended or are filled with weeds and trash,  we mostly fail to notice our responsibility – to fill our ‘garden’ with  light through diligently working to bring Love-Light to each one we meet throughout our days.

If we  find our days filled with darkness and gloom, we can begin each day with a promise to plant seeds of happiness, by offering our smiles, warm words, and acts of caring, to those we find in our garden each day.

If stubborn weeds have grown, prayer and apologies cleanse and refresh the ground of our consciousness — and the hearts of our family and friends. In this way even the most overgrown and neglected gardens become places where children and adults like to visit and take rest, and one by one the world will be graced with beauty.



Photo: A Summer Garden, Emi Miller

In Wisdom’s Light, Ancient and Modern Teaching Stories and Practices, Vol. III, Emi Miller

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