The Garden of Eden Still Exists

The Garden of Eden Still Exists
Love, the essence of goodness, the primal element of the Most Holy, is indelibly imprinted upon each and every heart.
The Divine Essence of Love exists within all life. Knowledge of this depth and presence of Love is what each prophet and poet is called upon to bring to humanity, and what every Soul hopes to attain. And no matter the path, Beauty is what each Soul knows to be the rock bottom foundation—upon which Love, and all that exists, rests:
Our search for the Essence of Love 
might begin one morning
while looking at Reality as a Sacred, 
Holy Mirror,
anticipating—that at any moment 
Beauty will appear!
Carrying this thought as a seed, 
letting it permeate our core
we drink in the glowing sunrise,
while a sweet scent of honeysuckle 
fills the air.
Our shining heart-light illuminates
our being,
and anything our glowing eyes 
chance to rest upon— 
becomes as Beauty-filled as we 
are able to perceive.
A sudden spark of Inspiration 
brings us to tears—
‘The Garden of Eden still exists 
right here on Earth,
whenever we, Her stewards, 
are able to stand as Witness.’ 
photo: Roadside Garden , Emi Miller
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace For All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller
© First Copyright, 2004; Second, 2018, Emi Miller, All rights reserved

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