That Which We Have Called the Divine Source of Love

That Which We Have Called the Divine Source of Love

Is there a different Source of Life Energy that grows wheat, from the Source of Life Energy that grows corn? 

Is there a difference in the feelings of love that a Jewish mother has as she first sees her baby, from the feelings of love that an Islamic mother has for her baby? Is there a difference in the feelings for the protection of their families, between a Christian and a Hindu father?

The earlier Epochs tended to see all existence as coming from the One Source of Life, the One Great Spirit, the Holy Mother and Divine Father, the Source of All, the Substance of Love. Soon tribes became aware that the deities that they believed created all life, had different forms and names within neighboring cultures. After warring with them, the names of the deities of the victors became merged with those of the vanquished.

We can observe these evolving names and forms as we watch the Sun Goddess of the early epochs becoming first the wife of the Sun God and then eventually being sent below, to the dark world. Later with the Hebrews and Christians people world-wide came to know and worship God as the only One. Yet in each culture, though the names and forms were different, all of the ancient deities were also known to have originated from ONE nameless Creator — who was known as the Nameless One, The Great Spirit, or the Source of All.

In our Scientific Era we have grown accustomed to looking for differences and distinctions: for example, the naming of each tree, each flower, and further taking all of these life forms apart, trying to find and to name their smallest particles. In this way of taking apart to the tiniest particle, science tries to find the ultimate Source of All.

Yet today science is discovering that there is a life-essence existing in the very center of each life, and also connecting all of the galaxies of the universe. This substance known as the ‘glue’ that holds all of the particles together. It has just been seen as ‘ropes of electrons,’ throughout the universe, and is also found within the cells of our bodies, and the bodies of all of the stars and the planets.

Imagine the surprise in store for scientists when they understand, that this substance that exists in all things, is what the ancient people knew and understood to be the One Source of All….that which they also knew to be, the Divine Source of Love.



photo: The Fields of Life, Emi Miller

In Wisdom’s Light, Ancient and Modern Teaching Stories and Practices, Vol. III, Emi Miller

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