The Great Work
In the beginning of our development as Humanity, we were, as young children. As young children, we could not easily understand trigonometry. Therefore the Divine Wisdom which we received, was given on a very elementary level, so that we might begin to understand. As we do not stop teaching our children, but add to their knowledge continuously as they develop, the Divine continuously teaches humanity. Thus, we are taught that heaven and hell are separated, and we, as human beings, are placed in-between. We are told that our actions, thoughts and words lead us to one or the other of these two places upon our deaths. Though religions may dispute over the word, “Karma”, we can be sure that the understanding of heaven and hell is based upon this same Divinely Given principle of the ancient Law of Karma.
Now, we are becoming able to understand that heaven and hell do not reside separately from humanity: they exist within us, throughout the entirety of our Soul’s journey. We have a great opportunity, while within our human lifetime, to work upon the development of our Soul and the One Soul of All. Focusing on the darkness, we will surely bring darkness; Focusing upon the Light, we will one day receive the Light.
Some might say, “Many Holy Ones spent their lives focusing on the Light, yet it did not come. If the great ones could not ‘Do It’, how can we?” Yet, we can say that their work is still in process: Can a tender stem become a rose before its time?
Our faith must remain constant and undisturbed by all outward appearances, as all of our great Messengers have shown. Look at a few recent examples of holiness within our time: The Dali Lama, Thich Naht Hahn, Meher Baba, Black Elk, Yogananda, Mother Teresa. They lived within dark-end places. Each of them could have fallen by the wayside and seen ‘no hope’ for humanity. Instead, their straight arrow forever pointed them toward the Source of All Peace! Their Work, passed on to their followers today, is to dedicate each day, each moment, to the Sacred: to Peace, Beauty and Harmony with all. In this way their lives continue to bring their Truth before our very eyes — They carry the Love-Light of the Divine, into areas of hell on the Earth Plane, and we turn toward them, their strength and resolution, and become strong.
We seek them out, as has been true with all great Messengers of Peace, and become inspired to “Do” this Great Work too! Such dedicated, collective work leaves its holy mark forever upon the Earth. We might now ask the question, “What would happen on Earth if we each followed this Divine PathWay?” This, of course, is the Holy Work all of the Divine Ones had in mind.
photo: Saying of Kasturba Gandhi, Web Source
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for all People, the Original Documents, Vol. IV, Emi Miller
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