The Grand Mandala Lives

The Grand Mandala Lives

In the Inner-most Sanctum of the Universe, the The Grand Mandala Lives.

It has been said that those who align with their holy path during their lifetime are blessed. Each of these sacred religious and spiritual ways have been likened to one of the many luminous, light-filled rays, that surround and create the Divine Universal Mandala of Holy Light, emanating from the Eternal One.

The energetic rhythms of millions of Souls rejoice as they journey amongst their chosen Ray. And, through their Songs of Life, each Soul carries and maintains a portion of the Wisdom and Truth, that has been Divinely placed, within that particular Holy Stream.

These Divine Rays of Love-Light are established through the Great Work of the Messengers of the Most High. Each of the Messengers, Prophets and Saints, throughout the eras, are sent not only to create, but to maintain these living streams, filling them with the currents of Compassion and Love that will permeate, and weave the seen and unseen Realms, and allow the manifestation all things.

And the Grand and Eternal Wheel of Life, in the center of the Highest Realm, has mysteriously, and All-Ways brought into being — the never beginning, never ending, Glory-Full Reality of the Universe.

Photo: Interfaith Mandala, Web Source

In Wisdom’s Light, Ancient and Modern Teaching Stories and Practices, Vol. III, Emi Miller

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