The Path of Great Sorrow

The Path of Great Sorrow

This is a path of those who have been deliberately or unjustly condemned. It is the path of those who are victims of oppression, of scapegoating, and find they have no way to go forward, other than to endure, and to hope—that their times will change.

And, yet on this Path of Great Patience, through endurance and faith one may finally bloom in a way that would have been impossible, were ones days and nights Light-filled: For flowers do not bloom before the frost has ‘set’ the stage for Spring, and Hearts do not fully open with-out first tasting the salty tears of great pain. It is for this reason that the greatest gifts humanity has ever received, through music, poetry, saints, and other wondrous things, have most frequently come through those, who have been somehow enabled by Grace, to first bear, and then to survive—the longest, coldest, and darkest of winters.

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In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller

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