The dream that one has lived for, has placed all hope upon, is most difficult to sacrifice. This is true for the Mother and Father who have to face having a child who is incomplete–according to the understanding of the world–and it is true for those who must yield their child’s life, or the life of a Beloved, unto death. It is also true for those who have strived to attain a particular station in life, and find that for one reason or another they are unable to complete their aim.

And what is it that could possibly make someone yield their dream, and accept its loss? We might instead ask the question, “Who is the author of all dreams?” For, if we look deeply enough we will see, that behind the longing for one’s station, behind the longing for a child’s birth, and behind a loved ones death–there is nothing–but the Most Supreme–in whom we live and breathe and have our Being, and from whence our Soul has come–

All of our hopes,
and all of our dreams,

the Love, the pain —
and the shame,

Serve to bring the Whole Being
unto its fullness:

The beginning and the ending
of the Universe exists

with-in the One dream
of the Only Being —

The Infinite Source of Love.


THE TAJ MAHAL — has been described as, “A Dream in Marble.”

A brief history:

Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan, was grief-stricken by the death of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. She died in childbirth, with his 14th child by her. Although he had three wives, he loved her best. He began building the Taj Mahal, as her tomb to honor her in 1631. It took 22 years to complete. Everyone who was working on it was instructed that each breath all day long was to be focused on prayers and love songs. And if you ever get to see it, the very air is vibrating with Beauty.

Shah Jahan’s Mother was Hindu, and his Grandfather was the famous Emperor Akbar, who, though Muslim, allowed all religions to exist in freedom in his territories. Shah Jahan did not follow the liberal religious policy instituted by his grandfather. In 1632 he ordered all Hindu temples recently erected or in the process of erection to be torn down. Christian churches at Agra and Lahore were also demolished. In the same year the Portuguese settlement at Hooghly near Calcutta was also attacked. The Portuguese were accused of piracy and of kidnaping Mogul subjects, infecting them with Christian doctrines, and shipping them as slaves to Europe. The settlement was reduced, and several thousand Christians were killed.

Although the Taj Mahal was his dream, he never walked inside it — In 1658 he was deposed and imprisoned for the rest of his life, in a building next door to the Taj, where he could look out his window and see it, but could never go in it. He died only feet away from his dream. It was his own son, Aurangzeb, who imprisoned him.

And yet as we can see, though his dream was lost to himself, it was realized hundreds of years beyond his life, and millions of people continue to bask in the Love that his dream brought to life.

photo: The Taj Mahal, Ajmer, India, Emi Miller

In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller

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