When All Life Has Voice

When All Life Has Voice

Along our current path, things of the hearth and heart
are deemed of less important, than things in the outside world.

Love for family, and care for our Earth take a back seat,
while our search for connection with the Source of All comes
around weekends, if it comes around at all.

In such a world, the River of Life flows
away from the family,

and home and hearth are of less import
than the gathering of name and fame.

Then the killing and harming of animals,
plants and people comes easily,

for our hearts have not yet been opened,
to experience their pain.

In earlier epochs the River of Life
flowed toward the family,

served as a constant reminder
of our Union with all,

and offered us this certainty—

that each and every life is a
part of One Life, One Being.

And in a world where family
and Nature are recognized

as belonging to each other,
as originating from the One Source,

all spirits, all hearts are honored,
are spoken to, listened to,

and in turn
all life has Voice.

photo: A Mother Beaver Holds Her Baby, Web Source

In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace For All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller
© Copyright, 2004, 2018, Emi Miller, All rights reserved

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