An angel holds aloft the Madre de Guadalupe, emblazoned on Don Juan’s Cloak

Remembering the Madre de Guadalupe December 12, 1531 —Her 5 Appearances & the Miracle Found In Her Eyes *

Her Miracle: — Our Lady of Guadalupe chose to reveal herself to humanity through a humble Indian, Don Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin. Don Juan’s Serape with, Her image Divinely imprinted on it, has remained completely intact for over 470 years, even though it is made of a fabric that would normally deteriorate in about 20 years . Scientists have not been able to find any element on earth that matches the paint in the drawing. Recently scientists enlarged the pupils of Her eyes over 500 times, and there, within them, are images of 15 people who were present the moment Don Juan opened his Serape. More miraculous facts about the image are included in the video, and link below. 19 Million visitors go to pray there each year on December 12th, Her feast day.

The Story and 5 Visions of the Holy Mother on Tepeyac Hill

As a widower, Don Juan Diego who lived in the village of Guadalupe, in Mexico, walked every Saturday and Sunday to church, and on cold mornings, wore a cloak of woven cloth called a Tilma, (Serape). It was made with the coarse fibers of agave, from a maguey cactus, for cotton was only used by the upper class Aztecs.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Holy Mother, appeared 5 times in December of 1531, and four of these times She appeared to Don Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill, outside of the village. These events are recognized not only by popular tradition, but also by a historical document written in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs called “Nican Mopohua”. The “Nican Mopohua”, which means “Here it is told”, describes the five visions of Our Lady, as well as the miraculous image that was imprinted on his “tilma” — the common peasant cloak made of agave fibers.

1) In the first vision, Don Juan was walking in the hills. After church he went frequently to pray at the site of the old Temple dedicated to the Holy Mother that had been destroyed by the Catholic Church. On this cold winter morning he saw a Vision of the Blessed Mother. He fell to his knees. She told Don Juan to rise. Then She told him to visit the Bishop of their village, Juan de Zumarraga, and ask him to build a chapel in Her honor on the summit of the hill, where Her old temple had been so she could relieve the local people of their suffering and distress.

Don Juan immediately went down the hill, into town, and to the church. The Bishop was with two other priests and they invited Don Juan in. He told them about his Vision and the Holy Mother’s request, but the Bishop did not believe him, and told to come back another day, once the Bishop had time to think about the request.

2) Later that same day, the Madre appeared again to Juan Diego as he returned to the hill at Tepeyac to tell Her he had failed, and that She should perhaps look for someone with more prominence in the community to make the request. She insisted that he was the one She had chosen for this task, and once again asked him to return to the Bishop. He returned to the Bishop again the next morning (Dec 10), reiterating Her request.
Instead of agreeing, the Bishop said he needed proof, and told Don Juan to go back up the mountain, speak to the Madre de Guadalupe again, and ask Her for a sign from heaven to ensure the truthfulness of this petition, that She indeed had sent Don Juan to ask for a Temple built in Her honor.

3) So Don Juan returned to the hill, and the Blessed Mother appeared to him on the road again. Don Juan reported the Bishop’s request for a sign. The Divine Mother said: “Very well, return here tomorrow, (Dec 11) and you will be able to take to the Bishop the sign he has requested.” Don Juan reported what She said to the Bishop, and was told to go back the next day and get the sign and bring it to him.

4) But, the next morning, (December 11) Juan Diego’s uncle, Juan Bernardino, was sick, and he immediately went to be by his side. By the next morning (Dec 12), the uncle was gravely ill, and Juan Deigo set out to find a priest to hear his uncle’s confession. Juan Diego was afraid that the Divine Mother would appear to him again on the hill, so he deliberately went another way so as not to be delayed (& also because he was embarrassed to have not gone to see her the previous morning). The Madre intercepted him along the way and gently chided him for not coming to Her for help. She uttered the now famous words, “No estoy yo aqui que soy tu madre?” (“Am I not here, I who am your Mother?”).

The Holy Mother assured him that his uncle was now cured, and told him to go to the top of Tepeyac Hill, where Her Temple had once stood, and said he would see some flowers there and that he should gather some of them, and bring them to Her. This took place in the middle of winter, and Tepeyac is 2,500 meters above sea level. Don Juan walked up the slope, and along the way he saw nothing but frozen ground. But as he approached the ruins of Her Temple, Don Juan suddenly saw, behind the Temple, magnificent rose bushes in full bloom covering the hill. These roses were not typical to his region, where cactus and piñon naturally grew, and certainly not in bloom in the winter. Yet the Castile Region roses he saw there shone with an ethereal and beautiful red color, and were covered with moist dew drops.

He picked some of them and folded them carefully in his Serape to carry them to the Mother. The Holy Lady smiled as she looked at the roses, and arranged them nicely in his tunic. Then She instructed him, “My son, these flowers are My proof, My sign that you will take to the Bishop, so he will build My Temple here.”

Don Juan returned with the roses to the Bishop’s church and found him again with the two other priests. The Bishop asked him if he had seen the Holy Lady, and Don Juan answered yes. He asked if She had given him a sign for them? And Don Juan told him that She had asked him to gather flowers to give to the Bishop as the sign he had asked for. The Bishop said, “Surely no flowers grow on that mountain in the middle of the winter? Can you show them to us now?” Juan Diego said yes, and he unfolded his tunic. And before the eyes of the amazed Bishop and priests, the beautiful, fresh Red Roses fell to the floor, and, there on his tunic had appeared another miracle: A perfect image, in full color, of the Holy Mother was imprinted there. She was shown with Her hands folded, Her eyes lowered and Her cloak has with 46 golden stars. The Madre de Guadalupe, was shown with child, and had a very gentle and radiant face, with a tender expression and human, but almost supernatural purity. The Bishop and those present were greatly overwhelmed, and knelt immediately down. The Bishop suddenly recognized the roses, saying that they were a special sign for him — for they were the exact roses that were upon his own family’s crest.

Bishop Zumarraga asked for the Mother’s forgiveness for not having immediately attended to her request, and at once ordered the construction of the shrine to be built on Her hill, in the exact place that Her original Temple had been, and dedicated it to the Madre de Guadalupe.

5) The next day, Don Juan found his uncle, Juan Bernardino, fully recovered. He told Don Juan that the Holy Mother had appeared at his beside, and instructed him to tell the Bishop of Her appearance and his miraculous cure, and also that She wanted to be called not Mary, but the Madre de Guadalupe.


For more than 470 years, the image, Divinely imprinted on Don Juan Diego’s Serape has remained in its pristine, original state. Her miracle was proven by several scientific examinations, and Don Juan Diego was canonized in 2002 by the Catholic Church.

Today the Shrine of the Madre de Guadalupe, also called “La Villa”, welcomes 19 million visitors who view the image of The Madre that was imprinted on both sides of the plant-fiber fabric. The pigments of its colors have never been able to be identified, and the portrait shows no signs that a paintbrush was used. With folded hands, the Mother appears to be in prayer and has a flower with four petals placed on her womb, from which emanates an intense light, forming a brilliant halo.

On December 12th, the Feast of The Madre of Guadalupe, nearly 100,000 people from around the world visit the shrine. She was declared “Patroness of America” by Pius XII and “Empress of America” by John Paul II. Since 1531, the evangelization of America has been entrusted to her.

The Madre of Guadalupe offers hope to all who seek Her. For She said, to each and every human being: “My child, do not let anything afflict you. Am I not here, I who am your Mother? Are you not under My shadow of protection? Am I not the source of your joy?” — (Nican Mopohua, verse 119, a 16th century document written in the native Nahuatl language).

Here is a prayer that many pilgrims say to Her: Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, I pray, in the name of all my brothers and sisters in the world, that you bless and protect us; grant us many signs of your love and goodness, and receive our prayers…

Our Madre of Guadalupe, at the time of the heavenly visions on the Tepeyac Hill you promised your love, understanding and help to all those who love you and come to you with their needs and afflictions. We ask you to please relieve our miseries, sorrows and sufferings. Amen

THE EYES OF THE MADRE SHOW 15 PEOPLE WHO WERE THERE *…/science-sees-what-mary-…


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