The Purity of the Living World

The Purity of the Living World

Each infant is a holy teacher, as much as they are an ever-present student.

Early on a child’s ego begins to establish itself as a separate entity from its mother and father. This is when the word “No!” emerges, and we know the sweet phase of babyhood is slipping away. Often the infant lets its caretakers know, ever so strongly, that they “Do! Not! Want! To be a Student! Right! Now!” Thus through loud, red-faced displays of displeasure, each toddler begins the struggle that leads them to attain separation, from their role as a dependent child, and begins to move into an independent, ego existence..

In our modern society, first as children and later as adults, we become separated not only from our parents and those around us, but also from the natural world. Once grown, if we ever try to get in touch with Nature’s glory for a few precious days, and travel to the mountains or seaside, it is very difficult for us to unwind enough to fully experience, the deep peace that exists, within the Living Heart of the natural world.

Yet if we ever have a chance to merge ourselves, and enter the transcendent Beauty of Nature, our heart opens wide, and our Inner Being can touch, for a few moments at least, the ‘brand-new view’ of the world we experienced as a child—

In the Living Heart of Nature’s world

we become enrapt in holiness,

and enter a place and time

of Divinity and Grace.


Our breath softens and deepens

and worldly thoughts dissolve,

and time slips away.


As Nature’s scents and sounds surround us,

we want only to see,

only to touch, and be touched

by Her Beauty:


Standing on a wooden bridge,

above a crystal-clear, bubbling stream

sunlight caresses the leaves on the trees,

and our face—


and softly, amidst the pungent smells

of dampened Earth,

Her Living Presence completely fills

the place where we stand.


Oh, we remember this feeling …

it is why we have come!

Humbled, by the Sacredness we feel

our heart makes a promise,

as if the world could hear:


“I will not forget this Beauty, when I return

to daily life!

I will come back—to this very place!


Oh yes, I must surely come again,


Oh so very soon.”



photo: Mountain and Valley, Mid-Summer, Emi Miller

In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller

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