Unerringly Guided Toward Perfection

Unerringly Guided Toward Perfection

The whole of humanity is unerringly guided toward perfection. This guidance happens nonstop, and one can say that our individual movements, and collective growth, neither end nor begin during any era, or lifetime:

Throughout all time, and all that occurs, 

even in those things that we know arise

from humanity’s twisting of the threads 

of Wisdom,

we find that our errors are eventually guided 

and brought to right,

as surely as a seed grows

in an ever-upward direction

unfurling its tiny spirit around 

the rocks and roots it encounters, 

on its way toward the Light.

So, too, the Divine Virtues 

immaculately implanted in our hearts, 

continue to advance our spirit,

leading and guiding our way 

toward the One.

In this time-honored process, 

throughout the epochs,

the All-in-All continues to move humanity 

unto our fullness and perfection—

here on Earth,

and within the Holy Realms. 

photo: Good Morning Rose, Eva Rose Edleson
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller
© Copyright, 2004, and 2018, Emi Miller, All rights reserved
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