High-Ways of Love and Light and Life

High-Ways of Love and Light and Life
The longing and the emptiness Humanity feels deep inside,
the hunger we try to fill up with
all of the ‘things’ in our lives,
can never fully be sated
until we have joined our Hearts and our Spirits,
with the Source of Love, from whence we have come.
And this Holy Communion is possible
while we yet walk this Earth —
for the great Ones established the Inner High-Ways,
of Holy Love-Light and Life
allowing us to See where we will someday reside
as welcome guests
with-in the Holy Realms.
This is our Soul’s journey—
whether we know it or not.
Photo: Golden Sunset Over Country Field, Concord, NC, Emi Miller
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller
© Copyright, 2004 and 2018 Emi Miller, All rights reserved
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